Becoming Wise

James 1:5-8, 3:13-18

Warm Up: James continues to coach us to put action to our faith, to not just believe, but to do. This week James reminds us that when we act, we need to do so with wisdom. Something that, not only Christians, but the world, knows it needs so desperately. What are some common “words of wisdom” that we hear in our culture and that people seem to value?

  • Read James 1:5-7. One definition of wisdom is, “the moral discernment that enables a believer to meet life and its trials with decisions and actions consistent with God’s will.” Wisdom is something that we need in order to live a faith-filled life according to God’s will. If wisdom is so vital, where does it come from and how do we get it?
  • Can you think of a time in your life when you needed wisdom, asked God for it, and He answered…even in a surprising way? 
  • Read James 3:13-18. In this world there are two types of wisdom: from God or from the world. From this passage, what are some contrasts that you see between these two types of wisdom?
  • Those using “worldly wisdom” often abide by this sort of mantra: “I just know how to get things done.” What does this mentality say about this type of person? Have you known people who live with this mantra?
  • In contrast, 1 Corinthians 1:18-23, 2:12-16, and 3:18 show us that godly wisdom looks out for the good of another, that it comes through the Holy Spirit, and it is about living righteously before others (Read these passages aloud). If you were to embrace this kind of wisdom and walk in obedience to it, in what ways would your decisions at work, home, and with friends be different? Is there an “action” you sense God is inviting you take here?
  • In getting God’s wisdom we first need to make the decision to actually follow God’s ways in our daily lives. Second, we need to ask Him for wisdom daily, continually, and as problems, trials, and tests arise. Lastly, we need to study the Bible to know, understand, and become well acquainted with God’s heart.
  • Of these, which do you find easiest? Which is most difficult? Share some ways you have been able to stay diligent in doing these.

Wrap Up: Acts 6:1-7 is an example of how the Apostles acted with the wisdom of God. They moved to action and took responsibility. What does it look like for you to apply God’s wisdom and “take responsibility” in the trials that you are currently facing? Spend some time asking God for His wisdom and the boldness to act according to His will!