Saturday, August 25

"Jesus came not to be served, but to serve, and give his life..." - Matthew 20:28

As a LIVECOAST community, we have chosen to stack hands on an incredible project: the Jessie Rees Foundation, otherwise known as NEGU (Never Ever Give Up). Jessie (sister to our very own Shaya) was a faith-filled, beautiful, athletic, caring and loving twelve year old girl who courageously fought two brain tumors from March 3, 2011 to January 5, 2012.

Jessie with Kid Grid.JPG

While in the hospital battling cancer, Jessie’s compassion for others led her to ask her parents a short and simple question, “How can we help others?” Jessie was referring to the other children who were in long term, in-patient treatment at Childrens Hospital of Orange County, the same hospital that Jessie was receiving treatment from.

After receiving the “go ahead” from her parents to find a way to help, Jessie created JoyJars®. She just loved creating these fun-filled gifts of joy to share with her peers who were fighting cancer and she continued to encourage them to NEGU®. NEGU, Never Ever Give Up, was Jessie’s personal motto and message.

During Jessie’s ten-month courageous fight, she personally stuffed and sent out 3,000 JoyJars to children fighting cancer in homes and hospitals. That experience gave Jessie a great deal of pride and enjoyment as she experienced first-hand, the impact her JoyJars had on the lives of other kids. 

And now, we as a LIVECOAST community get the privilege of joining in the joy of loving others just like Jessie did, by packing Joy Jars, and giving them to children battling cancer on Saturday, August 25! You won't want to miss this amazing opportunity to go beyond our walls and bring joy to children with the love of Jesus. 

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Registration Deadline is this Sunday, August 19!