Get together with some friends this week and join the conversation with our new series - Life Traction! Life change happens best in the context of community. Share the journey together!

1) After taking the Life Traction Survey, what two areas did you score highest? Why do you think those are the areas most important to you right now?

2) Read John 10:10. In the past, what things have slowed or even stopped your momentum in life? (busyness, distractions, fear, unclear goals, no accountability).

3) What could the rich and satisfying life that Jesus offers begin to look like for you personally this year? (Get specific!)

4) Read Philippians 2:12-13 (pay close attention to verse 13). God wants to do something in you before he can do something through you. As you pursue life traction, what two things has God promised to give you? Talk about the area(s) that you need God to give you the “want to” and the “power to” change. (thought patterns, habits, relationships, scheduling, etc.)

Go to God first before trying to do anything on your own! He will show you what’s most important (traction) and where you need to begin to pursue lasting life-change (momentum). Begin there, and pray confidently together right now, trusting that God will do some incredible things in you and through you as you seek him over the next 6-weeks!