Gaining Momentum with God

Doers, Cruisers, Responders


Read John 10:10

On Sunday, Jon talked about two ways we can get stuck and lose our momentum in our relationship with God. We fall into two categories:

1) Doers – The thief will rob your momentum with God by convincing you that you’re never good enough. You can’t serve God enough, read your Bible enough, pray enough. You, however, still try to get on God’s good-side by becoming a really good person.

2) Cruisers – The thief will rob your momentum with God by convincing you that loving God doesn’t really look like anything. You often point to the idea that God knows our hearts, and that matters more than our actions. Your faith-life has been on autopilot for a long time, and nothing’s really changed.

What category do you tend to fall into? What things have shaped you into either becoming a Doer or a Cruiser?

Read Galatians 3:1-3. It’s helpful to read it in The Message paraphrase as well to catch what’s really going on here. If you’re a Doer, how do these words speak to you?

Read James 2:19-20. Again, read it in The Message paraphrase as well. If you’re a Cruiser, how do these words speak to you?


On Sunday, Jon also talked about another way to live, a better way. It’s by becoming a Responder.

Read 1 John 4:16-19 and let the words sink in deep into your soul.

You won’t put God first unless you believe that he’s put you first in everything!

Everything we do in life is simply a response to God’s love for us.


If you’re a Doer, what must you stop doing this week and simply start by receiving God’s grace each day? (judging, comparing, guilt-tripping, performing)

If you’re a Cruiser, What must you start doing this week to begin living out your beliefs through your actions?

Make a plan! There is power in precision. Get specific. How can you as a group of friends respond to the Lord together this month? (Ideas: 30-day Bible challenge, do a bonfire worship night, get coffee and pray over the needs of the city, etc)


Spend some time together in prayer.

·      Begin by simply thanking God for putting you first. Thank him for loving you unconditionally. Thank him for his grace that actually changes you from the inside out so you can experience his rich and satisfying life every single day.

·      Then ask the Holy Spirit to help you carry out the plan you’ve made to seek God and put him first this month!