Read Genesis 1:1-15

God worked for six days and rested on the seventh, and all of this took place before sin entered the world. What does this say about the inherent nature of work?

Read Colossians 3:23

From the most mundane to the most massive tasks, how does this passage say we should work? And, who are we really working for (who’s our boss)?


On Sunday, Pastor George gave us two practical commitments to steer us toward traction and momentum when it comes to honoring the Lord in whatever work we are engaged with:

1.   No Compromise. Make honesty and integrity your highest commitments. Refuse to cut corners, falsify information, gossip, be lazy, take shortcuts, or cause problems. Live exclusively for King Jesus’ approval.

2.   Refuse to Live by a Sacred/Secular Divide. You are a representative of Jesus Christ 24/7. See your work as your mission field in which you are sent as an ambassador for Christ! (2 Corinthians 5:20). There is not a “Christian you” and a “work you.” You are one and the same, and truth be told, the quality of your work says much about the quality of your character (See Matthew 7:15-20).


What Work Does God Have For Me?

Are you engaged in fulfilling, satisfying work unto the Lord? Here are a few actions and questions to consider as you answer this important question:

3.   Don’t panic and quit your job (Unless it’s immoral). Rash decisions are rarely good decisions.

4.   Take time to consider how God has made you. What truly matters to you? What burdens you? Are there people you want to serve? A cause which stirs you, or role you long to play? Make time to dialogue with the Lord and trusted friends about these things.

5.   What are you really good at doing? (or what do you think you may be good at doing?) Are you naturally good with kids, design, organizing, colors, style, connecting people, or making money? Ask others to help you identify the things you excel in.

6.   What past experiences have shaped you? What positive, negative, or otherwise significant life events have you gone through? What are the threads of the story God has woven so far?

7.   Bloom where you are planted and wait to be tapped! So much of life is a test. God wants to see us honor Him right where we are and often times this means allowing Him to promote us in His time (See James 4:10)