Read Colossians 2:13-14

- What stands out to you in that passage?                                                                                           - What  do you think being “dead in your sins” means? 

If we’re honest with ourselves, sin, guilt, and shame are things we all have experienced in the past, or are living in now.  Sin is doing something wrong, guilt is the feeling that something is wrong, and shame is the feeling that you are wrong. 

We may not realize how much of a hold sin, guilt, and shame have on our lives because we have become masters at coping and compensating. 


· We numb our guilt (entertainment, addictions, busyness, distractions)

· Distance ourselves from our mistakes/poor decisions

· “Nobody’s perfect” approach

· Dumb down our bad decisions by comparing with other people who are making “worse decisions


· We volunteer, acts of service, being a really “nice” person

· Go to church, read our bible, pray (not just before meals, but even before the appetizer!)

· Score enough “good” points to hopefully cancel out the bad

- When you have done something wrong (small or big), which do you find yourself doing most to “deal” with the guilt- cope or compensate? How has it worked out for you?  Has it been a successful way to manage your guilt?

The truth is, when you place your faith in Jesus Christ your sin is forgiven and your guilt and shame are taken away through the sacrifice of the cross.  FOR GOOD! Meaning there is no need to cope or compensate. You don’t owe God, and you don’t owe you. 

“We owed a debt we could not pay; He paid a debt He did not owe”

The only way to experience real forgiveness, healing, and freedom, is to offer up our sin to the One who’s already paid for it; the One who loves us more than anyone else. 

- How would your life look different if you stopped managing your guilt by coping or compensating, but instead brought it straight to Jesus?  Would your relationships look different?  Friendships? Work? If so, how?