What is your favorite epic movie? (Remember an epic is a story about a hero that goes on an exciting and challenging adventure)

On Sunday we learned how God’s story (the bible) isn’t just a collection of thoughts, a book of principles, or guidelines to live by… it is an incredible epic of love! God is the hero, sin is the enemy, and love is the adventure.  Out of God’s great love He created the first family in the Garden of Eden.  He created Adam by actually breathing life into his nostrils, and He created Eve by taking a rib from Adam’s side.  Now God had the family He always wanted.  This is the apex of the hero’s love! 

WARM-UP: As we know, the hero (God) fills the garden with tons of amazing fruit trees for his family to eat from, but He puts one in the middle of the garden “The tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, which is reserved only for him.  He warns Adam and Eve to not eat from it or even touch it or they will surely die.  

- Why do you think God did this?  

- What do we learn here about God’s character?

Read Genesis 3:1-9

Many of us have heard this story a million times so it can be easy to distance ourselves from it.  But the reality is the Genesis story is not just Adam and Eve’s story… it’s our story.  It’s not just Adam and Eve’s sin… it’s our sin.   

- What do you associate with the word sin? 

- Do you resist the idea of being called a sinner?  Why or why not?

We are all sinners.  Sin divides us from God, and it always leads to death.   But thankfully God’s story doesn’t end there for us.  The hero does something that doesn’t make sense… He keeps running, He keeps pursuing, and He keeps loving us!  While sin divided us from God with no hope but death, God sent his Son Jesus to revive and bring us back to life.  

How does that make you feel?  

How have you experienced this in your own life?

God isn’t fair, and I’m so glad he’s not (or else we’d get exactly what we deserved)… He’s better than fair!  Think of the weight of sin, guilt, and shame being lifted.  Think of how fast you could run if you truly believed there is now NO CONDEMNATION for those in Jesus. 

- How would your life look different?

- In what areas would you no longer feel held back or enslaved to?