The title of our message at LIVECOAST last Sunday was “With Eyes Wide Open”.  Jon shared about his eyes being opened to a new way of life when he moved from Michigan to Orange County. 

- Has anyone experienced something like this? Maybe you lived one way but now you experienced something you can’t shake?

- What is it about these eye-opening experiences that move us to share them with others? 

Read Luke 24:13-35

The journey to Emmaus captures both a literal and a spiritual journey. On one hand, it captures the journey of two followers of Jesus who, three days after his crucifixion walk from Jerusalem to their village of Emmaus. On the other hand, it gives us a picture of the journey we all experience, going from spiritual blindness to having our eyes wide open to the real Jesus.

If we dig into this passage, we find in verses 13-17 that two of Jesus followers are having a private conversation, discussing everything that had just happened regarding Jesus’ crucifixion, and out of nowhere they feel someone coming in hot right behind them.  All of sudden this man (who they don’t recognize, but is actually Jesus) jumps into their conversation and asks what they’re talking about. 

The first thing we should make note of in this vivid encounter is that Jesus seeks us out. Jesus seeks us out long before we ever seek him out. Jesus walks among us in our questions and doubts.  Jesus isn’t afraid to interrupt our private conversations or our regularly scheduled programming.

- Have you ever felt God seeking you out personally?  What was that experience like?  If not, how does it make you feel to know that he is? 

We also learn in the first part of this passage that the two men didn’t recognize Jesus.  But how could that be? They were his followers, so they would’ve known what he looked like. They knew how he sounded when he taught.  The second thing we should notice is that Jesus wants us to seek him out.  Verse 16 clearly tells us that God didn’t want them to immediately recognize him!

As we read on through verses 17-27 there were two other reasons that these men didn’t recognize Jesus.  First, things didn’t happen like they expected, and second, they simply lacked faith. 

- In your own everyday life, what makes it hardest for you to “recognize” God?

-       Is it a lack of truly seeking after him daily? 

-       Is it hard for you to recognize him when things don’t go as you expected? 

-       Is it a lack of faith that God is really that good or that he is really who he says he is?

- If you feel comfortable, please share. 

In verse 30-35 we get to the amazing part of the story where the men’s eyes are opened and they see the risen, alive Jesus. Can you imagine?! Encountering the risen Jesus should do something to you on the inside. It should move you, stir you, and inspire you, just like it did for these men! Notice the men’s response in verses 33-34… Once they recognized him, they couldn’t help but share!

- Having your eyes opened to the real Jesus, do you have a burning passion to share it with others?  If not, what is the biggest thing holding you back? 

- What would it look like this week to truly live with your eyes wide open?  Get practical!