Warm-Up: If you grew up in church, how would you describe your church’s worship culture? If not, what was your first worship experience like?

Read John 4:1-26 (NLT)

Share some things that stood out to you in the passage…(what do you notice about the environment, characters in the story, the questions, conversational themes, etc.)


What was the difference with the water that the woman was talking about and the water that Jesus was talking about?

What is the significance of Jesus knowing about her life? And, how does that relate to how we personally respond to him?

Focus on verses 19-20. What do you think the woman is getting at in her question about worship? How would you define worship? Is it a place, an event, an experience, a life style?


Simple definition of worship: giving worth to something or someone


If you were there on Sunday, Jadon talked about not limiting worshipping God to just a Sunday experience at church, but rather an activity that is a part of your daily life. What could that look like for you specifically?

How do you connect with God best? Is it while singing a worship song? Is it while reading the Bible? Is it while talking to God in prayer? Other?


Focus on verses 23-24. What do you think it means to worship God both in spirit and truth? Have you found yourself worshipping God in spirit but not in truth? What about truth but without spirit?

Why is it essential to worship God both in spirit and truth?

How does it make you feel to know that God is actively looking for those that will worship him this way?

Is there anything holding you back from worshipping God this way?


How might your life of worship change when you recognize that God knows everything about you, yet will stop at nothing to be with you?

Think about whether or not your worship is really aimed at Jesus? Is your life of worship reflected by your life choices?


Living it out this week: If you want to grow in your life of worship, talk through some ideas as a group of how that could begin to look this week in practical ways.

Some ideas could be:

- Get with a friend and read through some of the Psalms together. Meditate on the passages and talk about what you learn about worship.

- Solitude. Spend time alone reflecting why God is worthy of your worship. A good pattern could be: Who God is...What He has done...What He is going to do.

- Read, think, and pray through the lyrics of your favorite worship songs this week. Ask yourself, “God, how can I experience the truth of these lyrics in my life today?”