CALLING: What's In Your Hands?

Warm-up: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you “grew up?"

On Sunday we were asked the question “What’s in your hand?” We are going to look at a man named Moses in the bible and learn from his story and the calling God placed on his life by what was put in his hand. 

Before we pick up in chapter 4, here’s a little background: Moses is in the desert in a place called Midian, he’s tending a flock of sheep, and he sees something strange in the distance… a bush on fire, but not burning up. He walks over, and as he does he hears a voice calling his name. This voice turns out to be the voice of God. At this point, God calls Moses to lead the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt into a new life of freedom.

Let’s pick it up from here…

Read Exodus 4:1-5

The big idea: God’s calling for your life may be the very thing that’s in your hand right now. And the question is: how will you handle it?

To discover our calling/what’s in our hand, we can ask ourselves three practical questions:

What excites us, what burdens us, and what have we heard?

Let’s take time to answer those questions out loud together…

  • How are you wired? What brings you to life? What fills you with passion and excitement?
  • What burdens you? What justice do you wish to see in the world? Maybe there is a past struggle that God wants to now use YOU to help others heal?
  • How have other people affirmed you in a way that confirms your calling? In other words, what have other people told you that they see in you?

In Exodus 4:3 God told Moses, “Throw it down on the ground.”

  • What do you think God is asking of Moses by telling him to throw his staff on the ground?
  • What would it look like personally for you to throw down whatever you currently have in your hands?

In Exodus 4:4 God said, “Reach out and grab its tail.”

  • Why do you think God purposely asks Moses not only to pick up a snake (scary enough), but also to pick it up by its tail?
  • What specifically would it look like in your own life to trust God and do what he says, even if it doesn’t seem like the most logical or practical thing to do?