What do your mornings look like? Are you someone who is frantically trying to get out the door with all your belongings, or do you have a specific routine that you follow everyday? 

On Sunday, Jon said, "When I’m running errands or at work, I usually keep pretty good track of my things. I know where my wallet, keys, and phone are because I need them. But when I get home, it’s a different story. When I walk through the door after a long day, it’s like my mind switches off and I completely lose track of all my things…Because I no longer have a need for them, until the next morning of course, when I'm back to my frantic search yet again."

Our spiritual lives can often follow the same pattern. On Sundays we know where God is, we feel him, we need him. We come to church prepared to connect with him and to worship him. 

Mondays are typically a pretty solid day of worship as well, not as great as Sundays, but we are still riding the high from yesterday’s “spiritual buzz." But then, TUESDAY always seems to come. The buzz has worn off by now, but we haven’t even hit hump-day yet, so we’re just stuck in Tuesday. 

Can you relate to the feeling of being so close to God on Sunday, but then Tuesday rolls around and you feel totally lost, unable to find God anymore, or feel him? 

For you personally, when Tuesday comes and you can’t “find” God, what is your next step/response? 

Read Romans 12:1-2 (The Message) 

Focus on the first verse. What stands out to you? 

According to Paul, where must worship begin? Why do you think it’s so important to start here? 

Has your definition of “worship” been challenged at all after reading this? How so? 

Here is Tuesday worship in a nutshell: 

What we DO motivated by what God has already DONE for us. 

What do you think the second verse means? 

How will you follow Paul’s instruction and live this out in your own life? What are some strategies you might use? 

“Worship is the strategy by which we interrupt our preoccupation with ourselves and attend to the presence of God.” – Eugene Peterson

Take 10 minutes right now and make a list of 3 things that you will offer to God in worship this week… For example: exercising, your drive to work, a household task, getting ready, etc. 

Partner up and share with one person your list. Take time and pray over each other. Ask God to guide and direct that person in the specific ways they’ve shared, and to help them make worship not just a once a week event, but a way of life.