Friendship Questions

From the book, Can You Hear Me?: Tuning in to the God that Speaks

I believe Jesus is saying to you today, “I am your friend. I am not your psychic hotline.  I’m not interested in impressing you or making you seem impressive to others. I want intimacy. So before you rush ahead and ask me to lay out the future of the world for you, would you be willing to be my friend for a while? Would you like to hear my feelings and sorrows, joys and hopes?”

Go somewhere quiet, where you can focus. Try asking God a number of friendship questions. Perhaps you can develop some of your own as well. Before you start, take time to “dial down” and invite the peace of God to enter into your heart and mind.

·       Jesus, what’s grieving you these days?  Why?

·       Jesus, what’s exciting you these days?  Why?

·       Jesus, what do you like about me?  Why?

·       Jesus, what do you see when you look at me?

·       Jesus, when was the last time you wept over me?  Why?

·       Jesus, when was the last time you laughed over me?  Why?

·       Jesus, if you could meet me anywhere face-to-face, where would it be?

·       Jesus, if my heart is your home, what does that home look like?

·       Jesus, if you could play a game with me, what would it be?  Why?