Leadership Devotional: Luke 10:38-42

Why are we doing what we are doing? Who are we doing it for?

What motivates us? What concerns us?

What is the end goal of our work? 


LIVECOAST Vision: That young adults would be changed by the grace of Jesus, filled with the freedom of his Spirit, and equipped for a life of impact.

LIVECOAST Mission: To experience the God who loves us unconditionally, to grow together in genuine community, so that he can work through us supernaturally in the world.


Leadership Training: Creating a Connecting Culture

How am I helping Livecoasters connect to Jesus?

How am I helping Livecoasters connect to one another?


Sermon Series Planning: What are the top 10 issues that young adults (18-30) need to have addressed? What matters most to you right now?


Prayer: What are we praying for? Why are we praying for these things? Where is God calling us to risk? If God answered our prayers, what could it look like?